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A Guided Grief Journal

A safe space to process your grief one journal entry at a time.


Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences we'll ever go through, and it changes us forever.
These changes can be scary and confusing. When nothing seems to make sense anymore, go back to the basics: a pen, paper, and you, in a quiet, sacred space where all you hear is the drum of your heartbeat.

It's a space where you can finally rid of the mask and be real.
As you pick up the pen, arm yourself with courage. Courage to face your truths, accept your fears, and write your way to healing. 

Cope by Learning More About Grief

Cope by Learning More About Grief

Understanding the process and what to expect can give you the strength to power through the hardest days. This journal is organized into 5 chapters with several grief topics including:

• Loving yourself as you grieve
• Dealing with difficult emotions like anger and regret
• Ways to cope with grief
• Moving on vs. moving forward

And many more.

Look Inward with Insightful Prompts

Look Inward with Insightful Prompts

After each grief topic are prompts (sometimes questions, sometimes suggested activities) and lots of writing space to help you relate the discussion to your own experiences.

It is in these parts where we hope you'll let go of inhibitions and let your thoughts and emotions flow straight onto the paper.

Create a Lasting Connection with Your Loved One

Create a Lasting Connection with Your Loved One

Preserve your memories with your loved one with the "All About Your Loved One" section. 

This section lets you document what your loved one was like when they were alive, how they lived their lives, and your most cherished shared memories.

This journal can become a memento that can keep your memories and love alive no matter how many years pass by.

Journal with a Cause

With this journal, we wish to not only bring comfort to those who are grieving but also give hope to kids who are fighting for their life against the Big C.

For every purchase, 5% of the total profit goes to the Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides maintenance meds and chemo drugs to kids with cancer.

Journal with a Cause

Perfect as a Gift to a Grieving Loved One

Make your grieving loved one feel seen and loved by surprising them with their own grief journal. We can write a simple note to include with the package - just leave a message and we'll make it happen!


Made with love for the grieving, by the grieving.


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