Who is the grief journal for?
The Dalamhati Grief Journal is designed for everyone who lost a loved one regardless of who, when, and how the loved one died, and regardless of your religious beliefs.

Why do I need a dedicated grief journal? Can't I just write on any notebook?
Writing on any blank notebook about how you feel or how your day went is okay if it lets you release your pent-up emotions and clarify your thoughts.

However, for some people, staring at a blank page is intimidating! This is where journal prompts come in. Prompts help you get started in writing about how you feel, gives structure to your journaling journey, ask questions that make you think, and helps avoid rumination on negative thoughts or memories.

Does the journal have blank pages to write on?
Yes! We included lots of writing space so you can write your heart out. In fact most of the pages of the journal are blank writing spaces.

Should I fill out the journal in a specific sequence?
No, there is no right order or sequence to the journal. Read the topics and answer the prompts you like in no particular order.

Does the journal adhere to a specific religious belief?
The journal is written in a way that accommodates all religious beliefs. It suits Roman Catholics, Born Again Christians, Muslims, and any other religion.

Is it gift-ready?
Yes! The grief journal comes in a pretty and neat packaging that you'll be proud to give as a gift.

Do you have a Shopee store?
Yes we do. If you prefer checking out at Shopee, please click here:https://tinyurl.com/3mpbrs7r.

What is your refund/replacement policy?
Please visit this link: Refunds & Replacements.

Where can I reach you?
Questions? Feedback? We'd love to hear from you! You can reach us in the following channels:

Email: nakikiramayph@gmail.com
Messenger/Instagram: @nakikiramayph
Mobile #: 0953-239-7635