We create thoughtful sympathy gifts

When the mother of her then-fiancé now-husband died from cancer in 2020, AJ realized, for the first time in her life, that she absolutely had no idea how to support the person she loved the most during the hardest time of his life. So she set out to find ways to support the bereaved and discovered that grief journaling can be an effective tool in coping with grief.

After finding that there are no existing grief journals in the Philippines, she created her own. That's how Nakikiramay PH  was born. We want to make the bereaved feel supported, seen, and loved with thoughtful sympathy gifts.

Through our products, we hope we can not only help the grieving as they go through their journey, but also give their friends and families unique ways to show their love and care.

We want to spread awareness about grief and bereavement

Death, grief, and loss are not talked about enough because people are, in general, uncomfortable with death. But we believe that grief must be talked about so we can create a more sensitive and supportive culture for the bereaved.

We care for Momma Earth

We do our best to use sustainable packaging to reduce our wastes and hopefully inspire other brands to do the same!

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